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This free website template was built for all of you who want a quick-loading and solid XHTML/CSS website with light use of images and a strong focus on accessibility. It works in all common browser types including mobile phones and text-only browsers.

theyre in a turrible hurry i aint never seen it so

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theyre in a turrible hurry.i aint never seen it so dry since seventythree, and that year i then he seemed to realize that he had no audience, and he began to hoe the cabbages again.meanwhile jed and will ran on.when they came to a straight stretch of road, they looked eagerly down it, but they were not rewarded by a sight of the horse.i didnt think he would run so long, remarked will.especially on a hot day like this, added going to slow down a bit.youre so thin, will, the heat doesnt have a good chance to get at you.jed was inclined to ought to have taken the other horse to chase after pete on, said will.ned couldnt carry both of us.i didnt mean we were both to ride him.oh, i suppose i could walk, and youd not particular.but its too late to think of that now.i wonder why we cant see him? he must have turned off somewhere.very comes a man.well ask him.down the road the boys saw approaching a rather elderly man.he walked slowly, leaning heavily on a cane, and over his shoulder was a bundle.looks like a pedler, commented jed.maybe hes one of the gypsy gang, suggested will.guess not.they very seldom travel, hes a white man, but hes tanned enough to be a gypsy, went on jed, as the stranger approached closer.morning, boys, said the man,, aint it? my, you look all played out! is the sheriff after you? the sheriff? repeated jed, for the words were somewhat puzzling to him.yes.out west, where i hail from, a man doesnt run the way you have unless the sheriff gets after him.and then usually he does his running on a horse.well, we happen to be doing our running after a horse, replied jed, with a didnt happen to see a brown horse with only a bridle on, as you came along, did you? did he have a white spot on the breast? yes, said will, eagerly.then i guess i saw him.i was walking along, a way back, going slow because my corn hurts me, and i see a cloud of dust coming toward me, lickitysplit.i thought it was a drove of steers on a stampede at first, and i got out of the way.then i see it was only one horse.queer how much dust he did kick up, but then its terrible dry in these parts.worse than the nevada desert in midsummer.where did the horse go? asked jed, a little impatiently, for he did not care for all those coming to that, my lad.just after he passed me the horse seemed to think hed run enough, and he jumped over a fence, into a pasture, and began to eat.pretty good jump it was, too, after the way hed been running.come on, will! cried jed.well catch him.hold on, and ill help you, exclaimed the man, as he followed the two boys down the road.chapter iii the gold miner shall we let him help us? asked will, in a low tone, of his brother.i guess so.i dont see why we shouldnt.he was kind enough to tell us about the horse

The idea behind the design

The andreas03 template has a small file size, a simple layout for easy editing, good accessibility features and well-structured and valid markup. Five small images have been used for the design, adding only a few kilobytes to the template load size. The images are linked from the stylesheet, which means that they will not show up in browsers that does not support CSS. They can also be safely removed, since the images do not affect the layout in any way. In CSS-enabled browsers the removed images will be replaced by a background color. In browsers with no CSS support, there will be no difference.

What is 'accessibility' and why is it important?

Accessibility is about making your website available and understandable for everyone, including users with disabilities. W3 explains it in a great way at the Web Accessibility Initiative.

This template allows visitors to use the following accesskeys:
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You can easily change these or add more accesskeys to make the site fit your needs, for example to allow easy access to each site menu link. Adding a logical tab order is recommended! And finally: the template allows browser-based font resizing, making sure that site visitors can enlarge the font size without breaking the page layout in any way.

General information

The andreas03 template is released as completely free code, which means that you are allowed to use it for any purpose and in any way you may want to, without any obligations or limitations. I kindly ask that you leave the credit text and link (the one that says "Original design by Andreas Viklund" in the footer) since that is a nice way of supporting my template design work. But it is no requirement, just a request. Do what works best for you!

CMS and blog ports, add-ons, frequently asked questions and other related material can be found on the official andreas03 template page.